It’s the month of Movember

Spoiler alert, I’m going a little of topic in this post and no, it still isn’t connected with labor. Soon.

So November is here and that means two things here in Slovenia. Firstly, November 1st is a national holiday, “the day that we remember the dead”, where we all go to the cemetery bring flowers and light up way too many candles. Like really way too many.

Basically all of the population of Slovenia (like 2 millions) go to the cemetery on a same day. I don’t think any other country except our neighbours Croatians have this or take this holiday that seriously. They used to say that it’s the day, that you could finally put on your new jacket to show it off to everyone. People compete who has the nicest grave, the biggest flower arrangement etc. I hate it.

On a brighter side, November is also a start of Movember. A month that addresses the biggest health issues faced by men.

Little background story for those who haven’t heard about Movember before:

Movember movement started in 2003 with 30 people not shaving their moustache for a whole month. The movement now has more than 5 million supporters all over the world. You can participate by leaving your moustache grow, doing challenges or just raising funds and spreading the word.

It’s going to be my third year participating. First year was just as a joke, I wanted to grow moustache. I found out that I can’t grow anything on my face in a month. Then the second year I decided to join the Movember Foundation, created my account and everything, but didn’t do much more after it.

This year I’m taking it serious. I created my profile again on Movember Foundation and donated 10$. I set myself a small goal of trying to raise 50$. If you want to help me achieve my goal you can donate here. I will be really grateful for every dollar you donate and will thank each person in a blog post after Movember is done. Maybe I will even sing or dance (don’t count on it).

I’m also going to do the challenge part by trying to get back in shape. Since T’s pregnancy I abandoned whole work out and healthy eating routine. A little more than a year ago I almost had my ultimate goal achieved, a six pack, and I don’t mean a six pack of beer but a real six pack on my belly. Then the new job came and after that pregnancy, junk food and now I’m here… 6-7 kilos heavier than a year ago and very far from a six pack.

So for start, my goal for the month of Movember is to start working out regularly, try to eat healthier (goodbye every day pizza) and lose some weight.

Even though I said to T that I’m not going to leave my moustache grow this year, I will, sorry. I shaved today, everything but my moustache. I know the point is to shave it all and grow it from nothing. But that’s easy to do for those who grow their facial hair like mushrooms grow after rain. I cheat. I leave my moustache grow like a week or two before so I have a head start. It’s hard to make an impact and raise awareness when your facial hair is stuck in high school (you can check on my instagram how it looked at the end of the month last year, horrible).

That’s it, thanks again for everyone who will support Movember movement, thanks for your donations, have a healthy and hairy month Mo Bros, Mo Sistas and Mo Babies.

*I added a picture of me and littleM with moustache so this post has something to do with baby. It’s hard to do staged photos with a baby…

Babies age: 2 weeks + 1 day


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