First impression

I know, I know, I still didn’t write what happened, birth things and stuff… It’s coming, don’t worry. But I wanted to write this first. My first impression.

It’s like that, when you buy a car, you check the internet, read magazines maybe watch some test drive reviews… But in the end, you’re first impression, that first contact when you go for a test drive, that’s what seals the deal. It was like that when we were deciding on a new car. Well, at the end I decided after a test drive. Sorry T, you pick the next one. Maybe.

It’s completely different with the babies. Of course there are baby magazines, you can read a lot about them on internet and even books, you can watch videos, movies… But none of those babies is your baby!!!

Imagine going to the hospital and choosing eye color, hair color, how tall it will be, how smart, even gender… You can’t do that. You don’t know how it will handle, you don’t know how loud it will be and there is no way to know how much exhaust gases it will produce.

It’s almost like selling a Picasso to a blind man, or bringing a deaf person to Rolling Stones concert…

I only had one wish. Health. As long as baby comes out healthy, with 10 fingers and 10 toes, 2 eyes, 2 ears, one nose and all that, it will be perfect.

Baby is nine days old now, he is home for five days and we’ve slept through all five nights. I think it’s time to post my first impressions.


I was prepared for everything. Sleepless nights, poop all over the walls (and car), pee on the bad, even arguing with T. But what we’ve got is a baby sent from a god. A little angel who needs alarm clock to wake up during the night, poops moderately (sometimes is bad) and pees when we are changing his diaper (but that’s ok because it’s funny). I know this sentences will come and hunt me some day, maybe soon, but at the moment, this is like grading an early release of a game. It’s like a demo version. And I would give it a firm 9/10. Sound effects are still too loud sometimes.

Babies age: 9 days


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