Inhale, Exhale…


We had a busy couple of weeks, so no new posts lately. But, here I am again. A lot of things happened in that time, we panicked and went to the hospital – everything was fine, we had another appointment at the hospital in Feldbach – forgot to take the picture again, we started parental classes and we were on special ”yoga” class themed partners help at birth.

That’s what I want to write about today. Partners help, my help at birth.

Yes I’m gonna be there at birth. Felt a little uncomfortable at the beginning of pregnancy about it but can’t imagine not being there now. Some are, some are not. I will be there.

I don’t like blood, I don’t like hospitals and I especially don’t want to see T in pain. And that’s exactly why I want to be there. Labor hurts (so I’ve heard) and if there is anything I can do, to relieve some of that T’s pain I’ll do it. Sticking her nails in my arm? I’ll survive, yelling at me? I’m used to it… Joke, she doesn’t yell. Not much at least. We’ve been through thick and thin together and how could I miss the most important thing that’s gonna happen to us in our lives?

So how to help? I know now how to breath (well I knew that since my birth but, you know…), yoga class showed us different techniques of massages, but that’s about it. I know now that it can take a long time until the real labor starts, so the first thing will be not to panic at first contractions. T, if you’re reading this, maybe the best thing to do is to tell me when they are like 5-6 minutes apart? They always say how important it is for pregnant women to have her bag packed and ready to go. But no one ever mentions that a partner also needs to be prepared. I heard that the partner doesn’t get anything to eat? So food, fresh clothes and laptop/ipad with couple of movies on it (no scary movies? Or will they ”scare” the baby out faster?). These things are a must.

On a ”basic”, ”theoretical” level, I’m ready as I’ll ever be. I know everything about pain killers, I know what T wants, what I don’t want (Epidural? No way), calming techniques – check, breathing –double check. What will happen when we get there? Hopefully I won’t forget how to breathe, like for real.

But what else is there that you can do?

If you have some fun story or a good advice about it, please comment, share your wisdom.

Thank you.


ETA: OMG 17 days!!!


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