Road Trip, kind of…

There it is, I didn’t get stuck at one post. It just took some time…

I love traveling, all kind of traveling, road trips included. We made one awesome road trip this year in June, when we drove through Croatia to Dubrovnik and then through little part of Bosnia (Neum) and Montenegro at the end. It was the longest ride we’ve made since we are together (almost 1000km one way) and it was the last chance to make such a long ride. Maybe I’ll write about that some other time. We made a little shorter road trip last weekend. We drove to the hospital where the baby will come to the world. At least if we make it there in time…

Ok, it’s like this. We’re Slovenians working in Austria, we pay Austrian health care and that means T. can give birth in Austria. And since we heard a lot of bad things about labor in Slovenia we had no trouble deciding for our northern neighbours. From the start, we also knew which hospital that’s gonna be, although at the moment I have no memory of who actually gave a preposition about it. But the decision was made, “we” are gonna give birth in LKH (Landeskrankenhilfe) Feldbach.

So we drove there last weekend, Google maps said 73km, 56 minutes, but when checking Google I always take 10% of the time away, maybe even more… This time? We drove for a whole hour, maybe even more. I hope there won’t be any “slowpokes” on the road when the time comes.

We were impressed as soon as we arrived. Older building with new parts attached, lots and lots of green spaces all around. The parking was half empty. But we still weren’t sure what to expect inside.

It was Sunday and the hospital was almost empty. Kind of scary actually. We finally found a nurse who sent us to the 3rd floor where we found the “baby’s” department. We knocked on big sliding Iron doors (no idea what they are for, but they were in every room) and a friendly nurse welcomed us in. There was no labor in progress and all the rooms were empty. The nurse was as friendly as you would want her to be. She showed us the “normal” labor room, water labor thing, explained everything and answered all our questions. It was completely different treatment as we would get in a hospital at home, especially on a Sunday…

We went on a trip into unknown, we didn’t know what to expect and we had a million questions. We left relaxed, knowing we made a right decision. It was also the first time (and only time till now) T. said she can’t wait to give birth.

(Sorry about the photo, we were too excited/anxious and didn’t take any photos, so I just used a stock photo from the web… Gonna make one next week and change it.)

ETA: Like 5 weeks or so… (yikes?!?)


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