My perspective

That is it. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna start now. Wanted it for a long time now, but couldn’t find time to do it. Among all the things that happened this year and moments in the past, that brought me to this point, there is gonna be a lot of stories to be told in the future. And I’m gonna share them right here, on my own blog.

Upon now, this year has been amazing. 2016. I wish it would go on forever.

I’m lying in a hammock with just the stars and little lanterns shinning above me. It’s 4th of September, the weather is still warm, it’s the last holiday evening for us, a long weekend actually that we used to drive to our “seaside resort” in Croatia to have a last dip in the Adriatic sea. We are gonna come back next year, probably 2,3 or 4 times but this year was the last time, we were so worry free. It was the last time, for some time at least, that we could sleep till 10-11AM, and than just do noting all day. Or do something if we wanted to. It’s the last time the sentence “We are going on a holiday” included 3 living creatures. End of October (if everything goes to plan), the word “We” will get another member. Someone who will disrupt our sleep, someone who will need our constant attention, someone who will make us worry sick sometimes… No, we’re not getting another puppy (although we want to get another one in the future). We’re getting a little human being, we’re getting a baby!

If you would ask me about baby’s a year ago, there would be a big NO-NO from me. Baby’s? Me? No.
Now, a little less then 2 months before due date? I’m excited like I was for Christmas when I was younger, times 10. Ok, I’m still excited about Christmas (just 4 more months!).
It’s like, when you’re thinking about it never seems to be the right time. But what is the right time actually? I think things just need to happen, you have to “go with the flow” and when it happens, your way of thinking just changes in a second.
I’m not entirely sure how prepared I am for that, I mean, how prepared can you actually be for a baby? Read books, look through the whole internet, parenting school? I’m not sure what to expect, but I do know I’m super excited and super worried at the same time. I’m heading into a completely new world. I can do this!

So this is it, another father – baby blog, which are really popular lately, with a touch of travel in between (always wanted to write a travel blog, but was just to lazy to do it) and maybe something else? It will be the world from my perspective. I’ll see where this takes me. Hopefully it won’t be one of those blogs that start out with one post and finish there.

I’m no stranger to blogging, running London za vsak žep (London for every pocket) blog for almost (more?) then 5 years. Little less active lately, but with the job, baby coming, (did I mention that we’re building a house and getting married next year?), still trying to do my best.

I’m gonna finish my first post now. Maybe someone will actually read through it (I know, it’s long) and if you do, please comment, like, write your experiences. Maybe this could become like a hub of knowledge for all fathers. Don’t know if something like that exist already, maybe I just gave someone an idea and he’s gonna go make millions and I’m gonna be here, crying…
Joke, tiredness is getting to me. Good night.

ETA: less then 8 weeks


3 thoughts on “My perspective

  1. Nice one. In this two month time just enjoy, especially in the evenings (they are going to change the most :)).
    And Rok, don’t worry about spleepless nights. You are men. You won’t hear baby crying. 😆


    1. But I like evenings now… 😛
      Don’t know about the last part since now, when our dog is sick or needs to go *poop* in the middle of the night, it’s usually (always) me who wakes up. 😀


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